Trinity Point Holistic  Center - Healing Naturally
To honor the holy and sacred moments of life
"If you live your life in a harmonious way, always respecting the sacred circle and all of its beings, each step you take can be a ceremony that celebrates its connection with the Creator.  If you live this way, you will realize that the Wheel of Sacred Medicine is an instrument of life guided by the Creator that lives in you and around you."  - Sun Bear

Weddings  "Deep peace of the Earth to you
                       May serenity and strength be with you"

Rites of Passage 

Baby Naming    "May you always feel deeply your own worth."       

            House Blessing-"May this home be a place of joy, trust, compassion and growth."

Workplace Clearing and Blessing "Bless this space that all may work with dignity and wisdom.  May all work be guided and blessed with Divine inspiration.  May all proper and grow."
Summer Solstice Ceremony
Coming of Age Ceremonies 

Earthdance Water Ceremony

    Mid Life
Empty    Nest
         Pet Funeral         
                Missing Person
          Healing From  Trauma
Earthdance Water Ceremony
Earthdance Healing for the Trees

Rituals for Sick and Dying 
                                                      Funerals Services
         Spirit Release Ceremonies

Each ceremony, ritual or blessing is crafted to individual or group needs and beliefs.

"In the conception of time and sacred space ceremony occupies a fundamental and operative place.  In these terms ceremony is to work with time-space, keeping alive that unified presence so as to be saved from the illness of separation." Domingo Dias Porta

     Each change in our lives can be illuminated ceremonially. We need to celebrate with ceremonies! The celebration itself is the Essence of Perfection!  
     Ceremonies give us the happiness of being all of one spirit, despite race, color, belief or social status.  We depend on the infinite Source for our lives, energy, faith, and strength.  It is this magnificent Spirit that gives us the power to love and grow.      
     In ceremony we make ourselves one with the universe.  We need to participate in ceremonies that will move us toward PEACE.  When we accept every day as ceremony, we surrender to the Spirit of CHANGE, of transformation, liberating ourselves from small attachments.
        From "The One First Heaven of Quetzelcoatl" Domingo Dias Porta & Twyla Nitsch